Dog sports this spring have been cancelled, and while our dogs are keeping us sane during this weird shut-in period of our lives, we still have the RACE BUG!  Iron Paws is offering a fun Virtual Rubber Duck Race Series.  The April events are free and include the HUCK-A-DUCK (a Dock Duck event) and The Joe Loveless Spring Celebration Race (a Sled Duck event).  Points will be tallied throughout this race series (we are hoping it is a short season, because when this crisis is over, we are all going back to playing on the same field....TOGETHER).   It's an easy concept.  Secure your Duck (pick a Duck from the inventory and name him/her) and enter an event.  We will record LIVE your Duck's Score during Saturday qualifiers.  Finals will be video recorded and played on Sunday.  So, RELEASE THE QUACKIN' and let's Huck some Ducks and have FUN!

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Enter the 9th Annual Iron Paws Stage Race Here!

Starts December 31st, 2019

Entry deadline is January 1, 2020 at 10pm Pacific

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