The Dryland Zone

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Northwest Dryland Sled Dog Races have been cancelled this Fall due to COVID-19, but that doesn't mean we can't all have fun while safely practicing Social Distancing and stay healthy!  Northwest Mushers can still travel to fun areas and introduce their dogs to challenging and new trails while striving to reach personal goals.  Welcome to THE DRYLAND ZONE, which will run from the end of September to the middle of November.  We will list up to 10 venues where you can travel and camp with your team.  The Recreation Class participants will need to run 3 separate venues (one day per trail),  the Sporting Class participants will be required to run 3 separate venues, running at least 2 venues twice (so 5 runs) and must camp once), while the Pro Class will need to run 5 venues, running 2 venues at least two days in a row (camping with your dogs). 


EXAMPLES:  Team 1 ran the Western Montana trail and camped overnight (running Saturday and Sunday), ran the Northern Idaho trail and camped overnight (running Wednesday and Thursday) and ran Camp K,  Flying Furs John Wayne Trail trail and Griffon Creek.  They earned a PRO FINISH MEDAL.


Team 2 ran two Western WA trails and Camp K, all one day runs.  They earned a Recreation Class Medal.

Team 3 ran a Western WA trail once, ran the Flying Fur JWT trail and camped (so two runs/same trail) and ran at Camp K twice.  They earned a Sporting Class Medal.

Deadline to enter weekly points
Every Friday at NOON!
Entry limit - 50 Mushers
Entry Deadline - Sept. 28th